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A hydraulic press is one of the most basic forms of manufacturing equipment still in use today. While there are many other machines that can perform many of the same tasks as hydraulic presses, many companies still choose to use presses in their manufacturing processes for a variety of reasons. Hydraulic press companies create thousands of variations on the basic press everyday, which makes the machine more versatile than ever. Many factories and manufacturing plants choose to use hydraulic presses for the following reasons:

Multiple jobs per machine: Many manufacturing machines can only complete one task. They do the task well, but if you need to alter the design or make something different, you need an additional machine. Hydraulic presses are easy to use with multiple jobs and shapes. Just a few changes to the machine can allow the machine to create different metal shapes and take on different projects.

Customization options: Many hydraulic press companies create presses with a many customization options. These customization options help customers receive the equipment and features for their specific applications and needs. Customization options include multi-acting, dedicated or multi-cell presses, adjustable tonnage and cycle time, adjustable press weight, and many others.

Low investment costs: A hydraulic press is one of the least expensive machines you can add to your factory. Unlike other metal working equipment, hydraulic presses require low up-front costs and also quickly allow the factory to make back the money they spend on the machine for a high level of return-on-investment.

High level of control: Operators can easily control many of the processes involved with the press, including where the press hits, how hard it hits, the finished shape of the object, and much more.

Reduced carbon footprint: A hydraulic press is a simple machine, which means that it uses fewer mechanical parts and fuel to operate. This makes hydraulic presses some of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly machines in everyday manufacturing processes.

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